13 reasons why you should never take your kids to Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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1. Learn to surf in one of the best 10 surfing spots in the world? What’s the big deal?

2. Surfing will make your kids love and respect Nature. It will even inspire them to make the world a better place…And so what? They can learn that from the TV without having to leave the house.

3. Taking your kids to a turtle camp where volunteers gather and take care of the eggs, so your kids can help the little turtles on their first trip to the ocean? Hmm…It doesn’t sound that special to you.

4. Oh, Puerto also has perfect swimming beaches, with lots of sand to play with! Thinking it twice, it sounds like too much freedom for your kids…

Puerto Angelito

5. And Puerto is full of bad examples, like Coco Nogales…

6. I’m warning you: The kids you’ll meet in Puerto will be dangerously cute, fun and loving. Your kids will make more friends than they can handle…

7. And it’s so hard to find good, healthy food to eat and drink…

8. Miles of beach, swimming pools everywhere…So much water will make your kids excellent swimmers and you’re not sure that’s a good idea…

9. Puerto’s rhythm is too slow for you…You won’t find anything to do…

10. And what about these sunsets? So many colours will hurt your munchkin’s little eyes!

11. Bird sighting? How scary! What about if a bird hurts them with its beak?

12. You don’t think is a good idea for your kids to take home such happy moments…You’re afraid they’ll to be happy forever!

13. Finally, Puerto has so much buena onda y’all will be so sad to leave you’ll have to start planning your next visit right away. Puerto rocks!

Don’t hate, don’t envy, be happy.

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